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Perfectly Unique: By Annie Downs – A Review


Annie is my friend and I could not be more excited that her book, Perfectly Unique, comes out today. All her hard work, all her dreaming, all her tears (I know there have been some tears), and all of her faithfulness are wrapped up between two covers and it launches today.

Before we get to the actual book, let me say this: if I had never read a single word from her pen, I would know that she is the real deal. Allison and I met Annie through our church, and in particular through serving in the College Community. We became friends quickly and thus, here is what I know:

  • Annie has the best, loudest, most affirming laugh. If I ever start my stand-up career, I am making her sit in my first set.
  • Annie loves deeply. Because of this, she knows everyone. It’s really quite impressive. Allison and I have experienced her love first hand, and I have watched her love college students passionately, and it all stems from her genuine love for Jesus.
  • Annie is wise. She has a lot of wisdom, and shares appropriately. It’s really encouraging, uplifting, and fun to watch her be so wise.
  • Annie is funny. She’s surrounded by funny friends, but don’t let that fool you, she is hilarious and stands on her own jokes.
  • Annie loves that she is from GA. She uses the phrase “madder than a wet hen” in her book, which I imagine is a saying exclusively used in Georgia. Reading that made me wonder: Just how wet does a hen have to get until it gets mad… just a drop? Do they have to be caught in a downpour or would a light sprinkle send them over the edge? Once I remembered that this has nothing to do with anything, I got back to reading the book.

First thing I noticed is that it is definitely a book for girls, by a girl (which is a good thing). The second thing I noticed is that I wish I’d had this book when I worked with middle and high school students as a youth pastor. I wish I’d had this as a resource to give out recklessly to students and leaders alike.

While it’s a book written for girls, there are some things that can be absolutely gleaned from this book for any reader. I really loved the heart behind the chapter called Shoulders, and the Knees one was particularly convicting (and I’m not going to give any more away because you should go buy this book). She moves from personal stories and annie-dotes (#seewhatIdidthere) with ease, relating them to Scripture and God’s call on our lives. Her book is a lot like her: wise, funny, loving, passionate, and a hint of southern charm (there are even recipes in the back).

This book gave me a glimpse in my friend’s life that I haven’t seen before, but it also reminded me of all I know of her. God is using Annie to speak truth into a lot of girl’s lives, and while any reader of this book will know Annie Downs better, I know they will walk away knowing God’s perfect love for each of them.

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