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It’s Fall Y’all – The Playlist


The weather has taken a dramatic turn for the cool. Finally out of 80 degree days that lasted too far into October, it is starting to finally feel like the new season has arrived, much to the joy of my friend Karen, who very excitedly reminds us that “it’s fall y’all.”

And with the new season comes a new playlist. Just like the Summer Break playlist was my perfect music for last season, this one reminds me of hot cider, of sitting on porches, of friday night lights, of crunching leaves under foot. A little more laid back, a little more subdued, but with all the anticipation of the new season.

So enjoy the free playlist. Download the songs by clicking on the album art. Share with friends, twitterites, family, frenemies and your paperboy. If you could, leave me a comment so I know you downloaded it, telling me your favorite part of fall.

Paperboy? What is this, 1994? Who reads newspapers anymore?

click the album art to download!

It’s Fall Y’all – The Tracklist

  1. Who Knows Who Cares – Local Natives (This playlist was almost the entire Local Natives album. Love it)
  2. Action – S. Carey (Bon Iver’s drummer’s whole album is fantastic)
  3. Welcome Home – Radical Face (you know you want to take a long walk through the crunching leaves with this song playing)
  4. Enough – Autumn Film (Love the piano and the urgency in this song)
  5. Bears – Sam Isaac (He’s british. Doesn’t that make you want to listen to it?)
  6. All Those I Know – Eric & Magill (This song is the quintessential fall afternoon)
  7. Got Nuffin’ – Spoon (Please make more new music soon Spoon)
  8. Flashing Lights – Kanye West (Remember that time Kanye was the best producer in music? hint: it’s right now)
  9. Day Off – Freelance Whales (I just love this band, the banjo, everything.  If only they had a better name)
  10. Michicant – Bon Iver (Don’t even act surprised a song from this great album made it)
  11. This is Why we Fight – The Decemberists (Great live show. Love his voice)
  12. Midnight City – M83 (You should probably just go get this whole album)
  13. Antartica – The Weepies (All of the Weepies songs sound like they were written in a fall windowsill)
  14. Wide Eyes – Local Natives (I’m telling you, this whole album is fantastic)
  15. Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire (reminds me of starting to need to use my heater, but still keeping the windows down)
  16. Hey Ya – Obadiah Parker (I love this cover. And I don’t care if you judge me)
  17. Charlie Brown – Coldplay (There are several great songs on their new album)
  18. Paperweight – Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk (this is a tip of the hat to my wife, who loves this song. A great “it’s starting to get cold out” snuggle song. Yeah, I said snuggle.)
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  1. September.19.2012 1:37 pm

    I stumbled across this playlist, and it is wonderful. Thanks!!

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