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A Potpourri of Thoughts


There is a lot going on in my head and in my life so I thought I would just share the random things rattling around in my head. I am titling this ‘potpourri’ because it is technically defined as a bunch of random stuff thrown together to make it smell like my grandmother’s house. Or something like that. Here we go.

  • We own a lot of stuff. I know this because we are trying to figure out how to fit it all into a truck. The good news is it’s like a giant game of tetris.
  • I recently got to spend 2 weeks in California with Global Support Mission. I love California and making new friends and spending quality time with old friends. And that ocean… if it was grace, we’d all be sinking
  • Moving is weird because you spend most of your time talking about it. We move from StL to Nashville on Sunday, and it will only take us one day to actually pack the truck and move. But it feels like we have been moving for months. I’m ready to actually put the plan in action.
  • I have met zero St. Lunatics while living here. That’s unacceptable. Where you at, Kyjuan?
  • I am blown away by the people we have in our lives. Our friends (here, in Nashville, and everywhere else) are loving us so well right now, it’s extremely humbling. Thank you.
  • I’m going to miss working at the winery. I’ve learned a lot about wine making and the life lessons that come along with it. And it was just fun.
  • I am so proud of Allison. She has done an amazing job in her role as foster care program supervisor, a really tough, discouraging position. Her integrity, compassion, and heart for what is right has been seen by all who interact with her. The depth of the compliments she has been given as she leaves are incredible and speak to her quality.
  • What’s the opposite of being unbelievably awesome at fantasy football? Cause that’s me.
  • I am terrible at goodbyes. You’d think I’d be better at by this point, but there are some people it’s just too hard to say goodbye.
  • My wife irons all our curtains before packing them up. She will then iron them when we  unpack them. I will never understand this. But I haven’t ironed anything since that fateful summer of 1998.
  • Raising support is hard. Really hard. But we are so blessed by the number of people who have come alongside us and will continue to do so.
  • I don’t know how I feel about Jay & Kanye’s Watch the Throne. And I love Kanye.
  • If you pray, we would love your prayers as we transition, for Allison’s next job (whatever it may be), for my support raising, and for everything else that goes along with the next steps.
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  1. Dan Russell permalink
    August.31.2011 12:58 pm

    Theron Hiemstra and Dan Russell are excited to hear more of the next step in your journey. Always good to read your posts. You have a great gift in writing! Bless Ya! (Dan) I was catching up this morning reading you and your wife’s blogs and wanted to show Theron only to see a new blog was added just since this morning. I am proud of all that God is doing in and through you!

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