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Going (going) Back (back) to Cali (Cali)…


In the immortal words of Biggie Smalls, I am going back to Cali.

The home of In-N-Out burger and Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles will once again become the temporary home of one Adam Buzard. Only for a fortnight, but hey, that’s not the point.

I am getting to go to California for 14 days for my new position with Global Support Mission. We are creating as many meetings and opportunities as we can to tell people about the programs we have, while throwing houses parties for Red Earth Trade Company as we travel from LA to SD to Monterey. It’s very exciting, while being daunting at the same time.

My emotions have run the gamut about returning to California. My first thoughts were about getting to see all the great people who became such integral parts of lives while Allison and I lived in Monterey Bay. We made some of the best relationships that will stand the test of time while we lived there, and I am so excited to see those people and share God’s next step for us. My second thought was that I just wanted to eat my way through the state… real, authentic (as in, order in spanish and enjoy being the only white person in the place) burritos, the best calamari you have ever had, Jamba Juice (yeah, it made the list, stop judging me), the aforementioned In-N-Out (animal style, duh), and so much more.

I want to see good friends, eat a lot, and we haven’t even taken into account my desire to ghost ride the whip, or paddle out at Cowells in Santa Cruz. California is where my heart was deepened for missions, where I ran my first (read: only) full marathon, where I fell in love with the ocean (read: otters), and student ministry (read: not middle school). Just kidding, middle schoolers.

And all that would be enough emotion to keep one person excited, I am also a little nervous. Part of this trip is to continue my support raising efforts. Raising support is tough and not all together enjoyable, but I am so excited about what we are doing at GSM through Know.Think.Act that I can’t help but share my excitement about what is going on around the globe.

California was also a formative time for Allison and I. We moved there Straight Outta Compton… I mean, straight out of college, and we literally knew 0 people in the state. We loved working in a church setting and the tons of students & families that God let us be in relationship with through my job. It was hard, and lonely at times, frustrating, and invigorating, but we learned new ways to trust God, to lean into Him, and find ourselves deeper in His story.

We often tried to make it our own story, but God was always faithful. Through the 4 years we lived in California, I can look back without a doubt in mind that God was so very present and leading us each step of the way. Probably cause when I would walk on the beach, I would look back and there would only be one set of footprints.

As I go back, and as Allison joins me for the Monterey part of our trip, I continue to trust that God is using this time of our lives to reveal more deeply who He is and how He provides. I love the chapter of our lives in California. And we look forward to applying all the things we learned during that time to our newest transition.

California Love


PS. I hope you properly appreciated the fantastic Footprints In The Sand reference. That was hilarious.

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