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What I Learned from Lil Wayne…


The main thing I have learned from Lil Wayne is that tha block is hot. But more than that, I recently watched Lil Wayne’s Unplugged performance on MTV and it was fascinating for several reasons:

  • There was nothing “Unplugged” about it. It was basically a fully charged band playing his songs. Electric guitars galore. Sure he did Lollipop acoustic (which was actually pretty good, but no one needs to hear those lyrics that clearly) but, really they should have changed the name to Showcase.
  • One of the aspects that makes Unplugged performance so great is the the band usually can’t hide behind anything. It’s Kurt Cobain on a stool sharing stories. Lil Wayne was out on his own, not hiding behind a guitar or anything, but emotionally, you could tell he didn’t know how to connect through story (unless you count his songs). You could tell he wanted to, but just… didn’t quite get there. And we know he has stories to tell. It’s possible that MTV just cut that coverage, but that’s equally as disappointing.
  • I really enjoyed his Tupac cover.
  • He performed a new song off his upcoming album and it had the following the lyrics:

“Everyone want to be fly until they get the swat”

Okay, that’s not the quote I am talking about, I just thought it was funny. Here is the quote:

“The streets are talking, I’m familiar with the voice.”

I think it’s hard to be Lil Wayne. Not just for the jail time, or any of the celebrity, but because it’s hard to make new friends because it’s not coming from shared experiences, or similar space, it’s coming from status.  He hasn’t had to connect with anyone in a new way in so long that even when I am sure MTV explained the premise behind Unplugged and asked him to be vulnerable, he couldn’t do it except through music.

And that is why that line stuck out to me. “I’m familiar with the voice.” Like he was saying, “wait a minute, I know that voice.” It felt like he was saying there is a familiarity there, a comfort there, but also a “I havent heard it as clearly as I have before.” So in a roundabout way, Lil Wayne taught me to be intentional about listening.

I long to be more than just ‘familiar’ with the Voice in my life. I want to know the Voice. To hear. To listen. To interact.

How do you set aside time to listen, to make sure you are hearing the Voice? How are you being intentional about setting time aside to listen to a God who loves you so deeply and wants to share so much? One of the keys for me in my journey to become less is to listen more. And I am grateful for that reminder.

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