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Adam vs. the Summer Playlist


Recently I discovered some mix cd’s a friend and I had made in high school. Prior to cd’s, I would record songs off the radio on my tape deck and give them to some very lucky 7th grade girls. Yeah, that happened. But when I moved on to mix cd’s, they were special. They all had themes, movements… we were the Rob Gordon’s of the mix cd.

Anyway, I make playlists all the time and never share them with anyone (except my wife). So when I made my Summer Break Playlist, I thought, “I should share this with everyone.” So I made it downloadable. For free. Good idea, right? Free music, who doesn’t like that?

Here are my requirements for a song to make the cut: If I pull up to a stoplight with my windows down, will the people in the other cars be disappointed they are not riding around listening to music with me? That’s really my only criteria. Some of these songs are classic. Some of them are newer. Some of them are new to me.

Now, this isn’t a combination of the greatest songs of all time or even the best summer songs of all time, just what I am listening to this summer. Check out the playlist below (FYI: some songs are intended for adult ears – some songs might want to be avoided around more sensitive ears). If you want to download, click on the album art and follow the link. My only request is that you leave me a comment answering the question: what’s your favorite summer song? Feel free to share via facebook, twitter, email, or courier pigeon, and enjoy your summer.

1. Summertime – The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
2. Rollin in the Deep (Jamie XX Remix) – Adele ft. Childish Gambino
– I love the XX, I love Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), and Adele is killing it right now.
3. Love My Name – Young Knives
– Killer guitars. Good beat. While I am pretty neutral to my name, I love this song.
4. Rump Shaker – Wreckx-N-Effect
– How can you not love this song? If this song came on in someone’s backyard, the party would be on.
5. Hannah (Lightwaves Remix) – Freelance Whales
– I really dig this band, and this remix gives the song a summer road trip feel.
6. Get Money – Junior M.A.F.I.A
– Try to drive around and not nod your head to this classic. Impossible
7. Go Do – Jonsi
– Choosing which Jonsi song would represent was a tough task.
8. Summer Love – Justin Timberlake
– A seemingly obvious pick cause it has ‘summer’ in the title, but Summer Teeth by Wilco didnt make the cut, now did it? And besides, it’s Justin.
9. You Are A Tourist – Death Cab for Cutie
– Just an all around great song.
10. Around the Way Girl – LL Cool J
– If I had a front porch or lived in Brooklyn, I would sit out front and listen to this song.
11. Lisa Baby – Walk the Moon
– More great guitars. Everyone in the car, airband – go.
12. Moth’s Wings – Passion Pit
– No one has written any songs about cicadas (that I am aware of), so this was the winner.
13. Fiesta (Remix ft. Jay-Z) – R. Kelly
– This song has a special place in my heart. And my song rotation.
14. Fantasy – Mariah Carey
– Mariah (and this music video) gave me far too much for hope for my middle school summers.
15. Feel Me Flow – Naughty By Nature
– An all around great song. Put the windows down and just drive.
16. Starlight – Blackbird feat. Steffaloo
– I went to high school with Steffaloo and really dig this song
17. I Wish – Skee Lo
– Everyone relates to this song in some way. For me, I wish I had a rabbit in a hat.
18. Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
– “If I worked at the club, you would not pay.” That was his pick up line. I should have tried it out.
19. Trembling Hands – Explosions in the Sky
– This band makes any drive at night seem like the most introspective and important drive home ever.
20. Where the Party At (Remix) – Jagged Edge
– But seriously, where is the party at?
21. Holiday – Future of Forestry
– You knew they were going to get at least one song. Fantastic band.
22. She Ain’t You – Chris Brown
– Usually I have a “if the radio plays it once an hour, it doesn’t make it” rule, but the Michael Jackson sample with the SWV song?… well done Chris.
23. Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix) – Florence + The Machine
– A fantastic driving home at night under the stars with the windows down song

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  1. June.16.2011 8:55 am

    List loses all credibility due to lack of Summer Girls.

  2. June.16.2011 9:47 am

    I am 100% sure you made this play list, intentionally omitting Summer girls, for a reason. You couldn’t have thrown your college roommates one song in there? I’m disappointed!
    Since you lack a love of country music I’ll go ahead and throw my favorite summer country song in there, “when the sun goes down” by kenny Chesney (this was in fact my ring tone on my old ghetto phone the summer corey and I started dating, the summer you all got married, so it has significance in my life.)
    Oh and I expect a copy of this CD this weekend upon your arrival.

    • June.16.2011 6:40 pm

      Copy of the cd: I’m on it.

      If I was going to do a country song, it would have been Where the Blacktop Ends by your new neighbor Keith Urban.

  3. Raquel permalink
    June.16.2011 10:50 am

    i wish i had brought my earbuds to work with me so i could get my party on here at work. my fav from the list fiesta, fiesta. where’s my bikini and bottle of cris??

  4. Dan Duncan permalink
    June.16.2011 12:52 pm

    Thanks for including my favorite softball walk-up theme song, Where the Party At? You have once again stirred up sweet memories.

    • June.16.2011 6:45 pm

      It should be me thanking you for choosing such a quality walk up theme song.

  5. June.16.2011 6:28 pm

    I am impressed, and am working on my own. Standby…

    • June.16.2011 6:45 pm

      Appreciate the love. Can’t wait to see what you come up with…

  6. June.21.2011 9:18 am

    Downloading now. Also, judging by your love of mashups/remixes, I will forward you some sweet ones.

  7. Tumamatambien permalink
    August.31.2011 10:39 am

    Which is the one with the part where W-Cleff comes in?

    • August.31.2011 11:17 am

      Still one of the all time greatest memories. You know you love it.


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