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Chipotle conversations, Hope, and more…


I have some great friends. One of those friends decided to have lunch with me a few weeks ago at my favorite place that writes funny things on cups. They also ran some of the best billboard campaigns I ever saw. Granted, my billboard expectations are pretty low.

During our lunch we talked about many a great thing, from the brilliance of Mitch Hedberg to how our apps are set up on our phone. My friend was preparing a sermon and said he would share the manuscript with me before he taught to get my thoughts.

First, there are not many pastors who would let others give their input prior to preaching. I love that he respects my opinion, is humble and encourages dialogue about a sermon he is going to give.

Anyway, there was one off-the-cuff line that jumped out at me:

“Absurdity reveals hope.”

Now to be sure, there has been many a great quote on the subject of hope. And maybe this is the best quote on hope, but this one has been echoing in my head for a couple weeks now.

You know what I am good at? The absurd. I like to dream big and throw out ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem. To dream of something bigger than me. I love the idea that my absurdity points to where my hopes lie. For the good and bad. It’s a good litmus test for how my priorities are playing out.

What about hope is absurd? What is it that ‘crazy’ thing you are hoping for, that your life points to? What do your goals say about what you believe, about Who you believe in?

These are questions I need to be reminding myself of constantly, not for the sake of thinking outside the box or having nonsensical ideas, but to remind myself that my hope is in something greater than myself. And may we have our absurdities always point to the One who provides us with hope.

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