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Becoming Less, Ampersands, & the blog…


“We get it, you have an opinion.”

That’s what I feel like saying far too often. Actually, I want to say it all the time. To everyone, about everything. And, if I am honest, I often give the overly dramatic eye roll when I hear someone putting forth their opinion.

It’s a sad thing to say, a jaded, terrible attitude to have, and I get that. I have repented, so dont worry. But I think somewhere along the way we have mistaken opinions for stories. Our stories form our opinions, but our opinions are not stories. No one grows tired of stories. Well, no one grows tired of good stories. People grow tired of opinions pretty quickly.

As this blog begins I hope it’s a lot more about stories, in particularly my story, rather than espousing my opinion. I am sure I will get the two confused, and when I do, I ask for grace. But this will allow me to share, and hopefully a place for you to join the conversation.

As for my story, I have found myself at an interesting crossroads in my life. And it mostly revolves around the ampersand.


I love the ampersand. It’s my security blanket. When someone asks me what I do, I usually answer, and by the way they react, I will quickly and dramatically add “AND”. I am a husband… & a social worker. I am a pastor… & I do some graphic design. I love social media… & I (once again) blog. I am not often trying to describe myself without limiting who I am.

This need for me to be multiple things… to find my identity in what I have done and what  I can do weights on me. Because out of this deep need, this deep insecurity, I hear the words of John the Baptist echoing in my head.

“He must become greater, I must become less.” (John 3:30)

This deep truth speaks to my pride. Calls me to be who I am. To be who I am called to be. I am not Adam & ______.

I am a child of God. I am loved. In my most artistic & creative moments and in my frustration & depression. And that is what this blog is about: my journey of figuring out what it means for me to become less and Jesus to be more.

I am glad you are here. I am grateful you are reading. I am looking forward to sharing stories and exploring this more.

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